Chinese Muslims

11 Nov

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In the post 9/11 era, Islam has become strictly labeled as the religion of terrorists. However like Christianity, Islam is practiced universally and crosses cultures.  Above is a feature on the Chinese Muslims of Xi’an that I caught on Al Jazeera.

Gadgets: LG Versace Unique

19 Jul

Calling this a gadget feels wrong. You don’t buy this $7200 phone by LG because of what it can do. You buy it because of the branding.  Currently available for purchase at Harrod’s

Fucking Ridiculous: Teeny Bopper Charice Gets Botox For ‘Glee’

19 Jul

According to People Magazine,  the lastest new sensation teeny bopper pop singer Charice got Botox in preperation for her upcoming appearance on  Glee.  The 18 year old reportedly had a 30 minute skin tightening procedure and then botox injections. Her surgeon Vicki Belo commented during a recent interview, that the botox was needed to flatten her ball shaped face so that she could have a “cuter face”   and  “give you (her) the apple cheek look because it’s cute, right?’. Dr. Belo’s moral compass is completely fucked up. Why would you give an 18 year old a skin tightening procedure  AND botox? Instead of being and adult and giving this young woman some much needed guidance, this woman thought it was better to make a dollar off of teen insecurity. Pafuckinthetic. Charice’s rep has since released a statement that this was not a cosmetic procedure but for a medical reasons, which of course is just spewing more bullshit on what it is already a shitty situation. Another beautiful girl who thinks they’re less than that. Sad. Below are a few fun facts on teen cosmetic surgery courtesy of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Fun Fact #1  209,553 cosmetic procedures were peformed on patients aged 13-19. Of these 134,701 were non surgical, minimally invasive procedures. 

Fun Fact #2  While Liposuction is down 20% and Breast Augmentation is down 9% as compared to 2008, Botox is actually up 2%

Fun Fact #3 The Top 5 Surgical Procedures among teens: Breast Augmentation,  Male Breast Reduction, Ear Surgery, Nose Job and Liposuction

Fun Fact #4   The Top 5 Minimally Invasive procedures among teens: Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion and Laser Treatment of Leg Veins

The Media: Why Is This Newsworthy ABC?

18 Jul


I get that what’s reported in US Media is determined to a large degree by public interest. When you can’t tell the difference in the quality of content produced between a blog ran by an individual and a news organization backed by the power of a corporate conglomerate, I think you need to start paying attention. It’s pathetic really. Blogs are edgy. People are paying more attention to blogs. So ooh, let’s mimic their content so that people will like us too.  Or maybe it’s not even that deep and this is simply the level of content that their staff is capable of producing. But I tend to think it is. The homogenization of our media for the sake of profitibality has simply gotten out of hand. Instead of being innovative and a hallmark in their industry, this media powerhouse is just following the trend. Is this truly what the level of our nation’s discourse has become? Our major media outlets want to be synonymous with gossip and celebrity worship. Pathetic.

Flix Of The Moment: A Day In The Life of Mashonda

13 Jul

Until the whole Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys brouhaha came to light, Mashonda was just another no-hit wonder in the annals of pop n’ b. Forgotten and not even thought of. It’s so ironic how we recognize each other only when we fall and barely acknowledge each other when we are trying to rise. With that said, she looks beautiful. As for the tattoo of  ‘Loyalty” on her hand, it speaks for itself. Check out the rest at

The Color of Beauty: Documentary On Racism In The Fashion Industry

13 Jul

Quote: The girls that are really just being featured in everything they really have unique features for African Amercians. Ya know, the very skinny nose, the very elegant faces. They really look like white girls that were painted black. that’s beauty..ya know to the industry’s perspective.

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Uganda: More Than 74 Killed in Kampala Bombing

13 Jul

uganda bombing viction

While millions around the world were watching the World Cup in peace yesterday, those who gathered at various locations in Kampala the capital of Uganda, were victim to multiple bomb attacks. More than 74 people were killed in the incident. The Somalian terroritst group Al-Shabab is claiming responsibility. Everytime something likes this happens, it gives some dumbfuck the idea that this is proof of the evils of Islam. As a Baptist ( that’s right, I’m a upstanding woman with potty mouth that is still a work in progress) who has READ the Koran, I can tell you that Islam is not evil. For that matter, no religion is evil. It’s what people do with it that is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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